A stacking toy which, when assembled, is a clown. Great for grasping and holding, and each piece can be played with separately.

What’s in the box:
x 1 Stacking Activity Clown
– Each piece can be played with separately
– Show your baby what each of the six individual pieces do
– Show that you can wobble and rattle the base, use the hat as a whistle, spin, rattle, squeak and roll the other pieces
– Plus show your baby his or her reflection in the mirrored piece
– Try to let your baby discover these features independently at first, then assist if necessary
– Assemble the clown in front of your baby, showing him or her that the pieces fit together to create a lovely surprise character
– Give the clown a gentle push to show that he wobbles and rattles
– Encourage your baby to have a go and make the sound.
– Use lots of excited, encouraging language
– Ask your baby if he or she can knock the clown over
– Reassemble him together
– Encouraging your infant to chose which pieces go where
– A six month old is unlikely to be able to complete the task without help but encourage him or her to grasp, hold and place the pieces independently
– Develops:colour recognition, dexterity, hand and eye co-ordination, judgement, problem solving, hearing, touching and gripping

– Weight: 0.48kg
– Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 26cm
– Age: Six Months and older