The 15 wooden pieces in this novel shape sorter offer a variety of colours, shapes, and opportunities for learning. Stack them on the pegged stand in order, mix up the shapes and colours, or create your own games with these engaging first manipulative. A printed key on the wooden base offers guidance when it’s wanted, but the possibilities for play are endless. Use the colourful blocks to encourage sorting, matching, counting, stacking, dexterity, fine motor skills, colour recognition, and more. Recommended Age Range 2 Years and up

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:
– Ask the child to hand you a specific collared block.
– Ask the child to hand you a specific shaped block.
– Ask the child how many different coloured blocks there are.
– Ask the child what shape each colour block is.
– Make a simple pattern by placing a purple, a yellow, and a red block in a row. Ask the child to replicate the pattern.
– Ask the child how tall he or she can stack a block tower before it topples. Count each block out loud as it is added to the tower.
– Place a specific number of blocks in front of the child and ask him or her to count them.
– Place four to six blocks in front of the child. Ask the child to study the blocks. Take one block away while the child closes his or her eyes. Ask the child to open his or her eyes and tell you which block is missing. Add to the challenge by starting with a greater number of blocks or by taking away more than one.

What’s in the box
1 x pegged stand, 16 wooden pieces