Please Note: Packaging is slightly torn but the product is still in perfect condition.

Maths Puzzles help a child calculate simple arithmetic by play and fun. The challenge is to place the correct puzzle part by calculating the answer to a number problem. Children choose a picture puzzle and the corresponding play board. Taking turns, children read the number or number sentence printed on the back of their puzzle pieces. If there is a number sentence they look for its answer or if there is a number they look for its matching number sentence on the play board and put that puzzle piece at the corresponding answer space on the board picture side up. When all the numbers and number sentences are matched correctly they will see that their beautiful picture puzzle is correctly matched.

Contents: Each box contains the following:

  • Three Play Boards.
  • Three 25 Piece Puzzles.
  • Special Dice.
  • Ages: 7 and up – Math Puzzles Multiplication and Division