An incredible gift for a new Muslim baby! 

With the Quran Cube Baby Cot Mobile, your Mini Muslim can listen to the Quran as they fall asleep with a captivating visual of a rotating Kaaba supported by gold stars. SubhanAllah, what can be more beautiful than this for our newborn Mini Baby Muslims? Professionally handmade with love, this adds a beautiful blessed touch to any Mini Muslims Nursery.


– Quran

– Nasheeds

– Remote control

– Rechargeable

– Plays Quran & Nasheeds  (pre-loaded on the device)

– All fittings and holders included and ready to attach to the cot

– Soft Kaaba, golden moon, 8 golden stars totating around the Kaaba – great for Muslim kids

– Full Quran (114 surahs) recited by Sheikh Saad Al Ghamdi

– Islamic nasheeds (no music/ no instruments)

– Suitable from birth

Please note: 

Suitable for use on most cots with hard sides. 

The Quran Cube Islamic Cot Mobile is for visual purposes only, not intended to be used as a toy.