Imagimags 3D magnetic building tiles lie in wait. They wait for children’s imaginations to convert them into either a recognisable structure or a wildly unique creation. As children grow, the creations become more complex, developing their problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

A set of Imagimags will last throughout childhood and will become a play space favourite. With 100 tiles, 2 vehicles (perfect for sibling play), 4 bases and 6 figurines, this beautiful set also includes a 26 page STEAM inspiration booklet to get those creative minds started.

We love that while being great value for money, the pieces are durable and strong with safely embedded magnets, offering years of creative and imaginative play!

Imagine the play, imagine the learning… The 108 piece set of Imagimags is a guaranteed joy purchase, and an open-ended toy guaranteed to provide the cognitive and emotional skills needed to future proof our young ones.

Each 108 piece set of Imagimags includes:

4 Large Bases
36 Solid Squares
12 Square Frames
6 Square Windows
12 Tall Isosceles Triangles
12 Equilateral Triangles
12 Isosceles Triangles
6 Small Rectangles
2 Vehicles
6 Figurines
1 STEAM Inspiration Booklet (26 pages)

Age range: 3yrs+ / Box dimensions: 39cm x 25cm x 9cm / Pieces: 108