Create endless possibilities while bringing back some of your own childhood memories with this toy Garbage Truck from Battat. This heavy-duty toy vehicle features working movable parts and soft rubbery wheels that won’t scratch your floor. It also comes with 2 plastic trash bins and a friendly truck driver that’s always ready to go around the neighbourhood. Pretend play is an essential part of childhood. So, check on the engine every once in a while, just need to lift the cabin. Grab the garbage cans, fill them up with marbles, chocolate chips or pebbles… Place them on the lift and activate the lever to empty everything in the big bin! Done your route? Storage space for the empty bins behind the lift. Designed with your little one in mind, this plastic toy truck is easy to clean, even after a messy adventure in the mud! All Battat products meet or exceed EU, U.S. and Canadian safety standards. Tidy up around the dollhouse or simply go on a cleaning spree. Haul away garbage and vroom in the fun with this garbage truck for toddlers.