32 Laminated Common Du’aas
designed and printed by @thawaabbubble
Use our duaa cards in your daily routine as reminders for the WHOLE family
Ideal for madrassahs, gifts and new Muslims too ❣️??
(7 Kalimahs available separately from R49)
Each duaa has
? Arabic duaa
? English transliteration
? English translation
? Hadith references
List of duaa cards
1.when drinking milk
2.when fasting
3.when opening fast
4.when looking into mirror
5.when leaving home
6.upon entering home
7. when thanking someone
8.before eating – when forgetting to recite the dua before eating
9.after eating
10.before sleeping
11.when waking up
12.before entering bathroom
13.when leaving bathroom
14.for travelling
15.upon sneezing, the listener’s reply, the sneezer’s response
16.before making wudhu
17.while making wudhu
18.after making wudhu
19.when entering the Masjid, when leaving the masjid
20.after drinking water
21.when bodily pain
22. when in difficulty
23.after azaan
24.at the time of anger, when dog barks or a donkey brays
25.when entering a market place
26.when seeing a Muslim smile /laugh
27.when wearing clothes
28.at the time of rainfall
29.for increasing knowledge
30.when visiting the sick
31.for protection from any harm or injury
32.morning and evening duaa
A6 ? R120 per set
Each set comes with magnets on each card.