• For more advanced skills, children put together these colour coded noun, pronoun, adjective, verb, adverb, preposition, article, conjunction and punctuation mark cards to build complete meaningful sentences. Features: - 360 Double sided cards Dimensions: 280mm x 40mm x 230mm
  • The Solar System”Play Board introduces children to the Solar System showing the Sun and location of all the planets from the Sun in their natural order It also has a beautiful path to move showing different symbols representing topics : planets and galaxies, earth and moon If an Astronaut ‘s play piece lands on one of these spaces , to move forward, he/she has to answer a question on the topic where their play piece has landed. The first Astronaut to reach the Finish space wins Suitable for ages 8 years and older. What's in the box The game includes: A Game Board, 98 Question- Answer cards, 9 Planet cards, Play pieces and Play rules.
  • Thirty Five durable plastic numbers and signs that fit together along with beads and activity cards ensures concrete learning of mathematical concepts. Features: - 35 Numbers and signs - Beads - Activity cards - Age: 4 Years and older - Dimensions: 280mm x 35mm x 192mm
  • “Let’ Measure” introduces children to standard units of measurement to measure weight, length, time, temperature and volume with 24 two piece self- correcting match ups.
  • A set of four unique and entertaining games to develop conceptual understanding of the meaning of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Each include a board game to reinforce the concept and understanding of the subject. Features: - Board game - Age: 4 Years and older - Dimensions: 305mm x 40mm x 235mm
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    Shape & Colour Match

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    Enhances observation, visual discrimination, shape and colour recognition, problem solving and fine motor skills. Features: - 28 Sets of two piece match ups - Age: 3 Years and older - Dimensions: 275mm x 35mm x 190mm