Umrah Fund Savings Suitcase

Our designer Simply Ilm money box has a special story behind it’s creation 😍

It was inspired by a gift that i received when i was newly married. I decided to utilize my fancy money box as a Hajj fund, and we occasionally dropped every odd R50, R100 and R200 note inside. When the day finally arrived, 5 years later, my little savings amounted to R23 000, الحمد لله ♥️

This “Savings Suitcase” is the perfect solution for families to raise funds together and save for a trip to the blessed lands of Makkah and Medina 🕋

May your pure intentions and little actions turn into big memorable adventures, ان شاء الله with our Simply Ilm Umrah Fund Savings Suitcase 💰

Our savings fund is also available in a Hajj fund