Square Set

Imagimags is an open-ended play space favourite, with a JOY GUARANTEE included.

Our market research proves that solid square tiles are the most loved tiles of all! A generous offering to enter into the world of Imagimags or add to your stash. Increase the possibilities for complex designs.

Imagine the Play

Build domino runs, tall buildings and pyramids, practicing fine-motor skills of balancing and precision.

Add to your tiles from other well-known brands to build expansive and creative structures.

Imagine the Learning

Get to know the imaginative world of open-ended play with magnetic tiles, where there are no creative limits!

Build complexity from simplicity with a 7cm x 7cm square tile that is the ultimate open-ended play.

Square Set:

36 Solid Squares
2 Large Bases

Package Dimensions:

17cm x 17cm x 9cm


1.40 kg