This Super Kit comes with 11 components and includes 2 types of experiments. Experiment 1: 1. Light up the small beads 1 first the light bulb on the bulb base, and then link up each side on the 10cm line. 2. Take the battery baseline one end link crocodile clip – one end link laugh, open the other end link 10cm thread head on the link crocodile clip. 3. Just put the battery on the battery base and use two crocodiles to clip the wires on the lamp holder. Experiment 2: Electromagnet – First, wrap the copper wire of 50-60cm around the iron nail (note leave 2-3cm at each end) – Link the cable of the batter base to the crocodile clip. – Place the batter on the battery base with two crocodile clips and iron nails. The copper wire on it then put the nail. ( the pointed part) on the paper clip or compass. Content Includes: – 1 x Battery Base – 2 x Lamp Holder – 2 x Light Bulb – 1 x AA Battery – 2 x Crocodile Clip – 1 x Compass – 1 x 60cm Copper wire – 1 x Iron Nail – 3 x Paper Clip – 4 x Wire – 1 x Light Base