Immerse yourself in the soothing world of knotting and weaving with this curated kit:

  • 5 Weaving Ropes: The foundation for your colourful creation.
  • 5 Strands of Cotton String: Craft the soft arcs of your rainbow.
  • 1 Strand of Monofilament: For durability and transparent support.
  • 1 Needle: Ensure precision and ease while weaving your masterpiece.

Lose yourself in the rhythmic dance of macramé, letting each knot and twist mirror the artistry within. Whether you’re a seasoned weaver or trying your hand at macramé for the first time, this kit promises a serene and fulfilling crafting session. Just brew your favourite tea, and let the creativity flow.

What’s in the box: 5 Weaving Ropes, 5 Strands of Cotton String, 1 Strand of Monofilament, 1 Needle.