Number Cards are a set of educational tools designed to assist children in learning how to write numbers. This set consists of 26 cards, with each card featuring a different number. The cards are designed with dotted lines that serve as guides for children to trace and practice forming each number correctly.

The size of each puzzle card is 160 x 105mm , making them easy for young children to handle. The compact size also allows for convenient storage and portability.

Just like the Word Cards, the Number Cards are wipe-clean, allowing for easy erasing and reuse. The set also includes a water-soluble erasable pen, which children can use to write on the cards. This feature enables repeated practice without wasting paper or making permanent marks.

The Number Cards are specifically intended for children aged 4 and above. At this stage of development, children typically begin to grasp the concept of numbers and start learning how to write them. By following the dotted lines and utilizing the erasable pen, children can enhance their handwriting skills and gain confidence in writing numbers accurately.

These educational tools provide an engaging and interactive approach to learning and practicing number writing. They can support children’s numeracy development and help them develop a strong foundation in numerical skills.”

What’s in the box
1 x 26 Wipe Clean Cards
1 x water soluble erasable pen.