Unleash your child’s inner chef and create a world of scrumptious delights with the mesmerizing Melissa & Doug Magnetivity Pizza & Ice Cream Shop Magnetic Building Playset. Step into the realm of imagination where every topping and flavor becomes a work of art.

Crafting Culinary Dreams:

  • Infinite Creativity: Embark on an ever-changing gastronomic adventure with the Pizza & Ice Cream Shop Building Playset. With 13 double-sided magnetic panels boasting captivating artwork, little creators
    • can construct their very own pizza parlors and ice cream havens, each design more tempting than the last.
    • Taste the Fun: Equipped with a delectable assortment of 87 magnetic accessories, the stage is set for your child to craft mouthwatering masterpieces. Assemble the perfect pizza, scoop out imaginative ice
      • cream sundaes, and let the culinary journey unfold.

      Turning Play into Gourmet Art:

      • Magnetic Play Figures: Included are 2 magnetic play figures with stands, ready to take on roles as aspiring chefs, visionary entrepreneurs, and delighted diners. Encourage role-play, storytelling, and interactive learning with every magnetic creation.