Variety of Beautiful Patterns: This set of scrapbook tape wash includes 2 pattern designs in a variety of styles, and it also features a hot stamping design with delicate and shiny patterns.
Moderate Viscosity: This set of scrapbooking tape is moderately sticky, easy to tear and cut, leaves no adhesive marks after tearing off, and can be re-sticked, you can stick it anywhere you want to decorate.
Multi-purpose: Scrapbook accessories washi tape can be used for DIY manuals, journals, gift wrapping, card making, planners and so on. It can also be used to decorate walls, furniture, lipstick cases, eyeshadow cases, photo frames and various other places. The exquisite pattern can let you enjoy DIY fun and get unique decorations.
Unique Gift: This washi tape kit scrapbook is suitable for both young and old, it is a perfect handmade gift for teenagers, craft enthusiasts, and great for decorating anniversary, Christmas, Halloween, birthdays and other holiday gifts.