This suncatcher window art and sticky art kit is the perfect gift idea for children of all ages. Designed for kids to have fun, be creative, and open their mind to the beautiful world of art.

This suncatcher kit is a 2 in 1 craft kit with 12 plastic sun catchers to paint. This kit contains everything you need for hours of fun.

This simple craft project is designed with your child in mind. Filling in the lines of the plastic suncatchers is easy with our mess-free paint containers and the raised borders in the suncatchers. Use the glitter paint to give it that extra sparkle. Once completed you can hang these on your window with the included suction cups and string.

Simply choose a design, trace the borders with the liner paint, fill inside the lines with colour, and wait for it to dry. When it dries simply peel off the sticker you made and place it on any glass surface such as your window, cup, fish tank, vase, mirror, or anywhere in the house where you want to add some special touch of art (best achieved with a plastic sleeve or sheet – cannot peel off of paper).

What child wouldn’t love to receive this unique and exciting window art craft kit as a gift? Perfect for Christmas, birthdays, holidays, or any occasion! Your child, grandchild, or cousin is bound to be thrilled with this as a gift, and you will get to see the beautiful art they create.

Product Features:
Over 96 patterns

What’s in the box
12 x Plastic suncatchers
12 x Suction cups
2 x Painting sleeves (for sticky art)
4 x Glitter paints
3 x Colour paints
1 x Liner paint